Portrait photo of Dan Piech, a VAST photographer artist creating very high resolution fine art photos of cityscapes and landscapes

Dan Piech

New York City
[email protected]
Dan Piech is an entrepreneur, designer, engineer, and pioneering photographic artist. He leads a team of like-minded technology innovators producing the highest resolution fine art photographs ever created.

Dan's passion for photographic artwork began while experimenting in the darkroom as a child and his desire to push the technological envelope subsequently led him to begin exploring novel uses of digital imaging technologies. After years of research, development, and engineering, Dan has honed a unique set of techniques for generating exceptionally high quality images with distinctive aesthetic qualities. In 2017, Dan built and launched VAST, a company devoted to advancing the art and craftsmanship of ultra high quality image-making.

A thought-leader in the industry, Dan has spoken at a variety of conferences and events, including keynoting at Social Media Week, OMMA Global, E-Business Week, and the NAB Show, among others. His photographs and artwork have appeared in publications including The New York Times and The Huffington Post, in Hollywood films, on national television, and on walls across the world.