Portrait photo of Tim Shields, a VAST photographer artist creating very high resolution fine art photos of landscapes and nature

Tim Shields

White Rock, BC, Canada
In 2018, Tim was awarded "Nature Photographer of the Year" by Master Photographers International, but his journey starts long before that. Tim has always had a lifelong passion for photography. From his earliest age he almost always had a camera in his hand. He bought his first full size SLR camera, a Minolta SR-T 101, at the age of 13 with money he earned from a part time job delivering pharmacy prescriptions on his bike. He then converted a basement room in his parent's house into a darkroom and began developing film and creating black and white prints. It was at that time that Tim also developed a love for the outdoors and especially the mountains - the higher the better. With no shortage of mountains in his home province of British Columbia, Tim combined his passion for photography with his love for adventure and the outdoors and began what would become a lifetime pursuit of landscape photography.

In 1983 and at the age of 18, Tim climbed Mount Crown, which towers above the city of Vancouver. When he reached the top, he tried to photograph a wide angle view of the surrounding mountains, but could not fit the scene into one frame. As a work-around, he took multiple photos while panning the camera and winding the film between shots. He had shot his first panorama photograph, which ultimately would become the mainstay of his photographic career.

Tim specializes in ultra high resolution panoramic images. His passion for the outdoors takes him to remote hike-in locations where he packs in his photography and camping gear in search of unique landscape compositions and warm "golden hour" light. Tim believes that mountains, streams and oceans are the world's most beautiful pieces of art, and his goal is to capture vibrant images that reflect the true beauty of the earth so that a brief moment of perfect light can be enjoyed for years to come.

Tim Shields has traveled throughout North America, Europe and China in search of the perfect landscape image. He has won numerous photographic awards and lives in White Rock, Canada. He is an honors graduate from the BC Institute of Technonology in Civil and Structural Engineering and holds a master of arts degree.

VAST photographer Tim Shields of the VAST artist collective


2018: Nature Photographer of the Year - Master Photographers International

2018: Finalist - Belle France Photo Competition

2018: Finalist - American Photography Open by Pro Photo Daily

2018: 4th Place - Waterscapes Exhibition by Fusion Art

2018: Award of Distinction - International Image Challenge

2018: Prestige Award - International Image Challenge, Master Photographers International

2016: Silver Award - Epson International Pano Awards