Portrait photo of Scott Dimond, a VAST photographer artist creating very high resolution fine art photos of abandonment, landscapes, and nature

Scott Dimond

Calgary, Alberta
Scott is an award-winning photographer, world-renowned teacher of specialty imaging techniques, and computer scientist. His images have appeared in magazines and books around the world and his fine art prints adorn the walls of homes and businesses alike. In 2015, Scott received the prestigious international award of “Panoramic Photographer of the Year” by Kolor for his pioneering work in the field of high resolution image-making.

Becoming interested in photography as a young teen, Scott spent every waking moment living and breathing photography. As a young adult, he pursued a rigorous field of study in computer science and cultivated a career in software engineering. In 2003, Scott purchased one of the very first generally available professional DSLR cameras and began to create innovative photographic masterpieces that caught people’s attention. Within two years he was represented by two agencies and had won several awards.

Living next to the Canadian Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park, Scott spent many years focusing his photography purely on their natural beauty. Then during a trip to Berlin Germany, he photographed a huge abandoned hospital complex, an experience that changed his creative direction. Seeking abandonment back in Canada, Scott looked eastward to the Canadian prairies and added old abandoned homesteads as a common subject for many of his photos.

Scott started creating large-format high-resolution panoramic photographs back in 2007 which took a great amount of skill and ingenuity, given the limits in computer hardware and software. Over the years, wherever his photographic travels have taken him, Scott has always been prepared to create incredibly high resolution photographs when the perfect scene presents itself. This has required him to carry much more gear than traditional photographers, but the effort has been worth it because of the truly unique photos he has been able to create as a result.

Scott continues to push the limit with his artistry, creating VAST photos of natural landscapes and scenes of abandonment. At the same time, Scott has also become a well-known photography instructor and his popular Abandoned Alberta Photographic Workshops are now in their 4th year.

Awards, Press, & Shows

Panoramic Photographer of the Year  -  Kolor, 2015

Mountain Photography Award  -  Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, 2008

Published interview  -  Landscape Photography Magazine, 2015

Gallery show  -  LIFE and LAND, EXPOSURE 2018, two artists hosted, Feb 2018

Gallery show  -  RAÐLJÓST, co-hosted, Sept 2016

Gallery show  -  Calgary Stampede Western Showcase, co-hosted, 5+ years

Gallery show  -  DESOLATION, single artist hosted, April 2015