Portrait photo of Justin Katz, a VAST photographer artist creating very high resolution fine art photos of landscapes and cityscapes

Justin Katz

Portland, Oregon

Justin Katz is an award-winning outdoor and landscape photographer, entrepreneur, digital marketer, and adventurer. He developed his love for photographing landscapes when he was handed his first film camera at 13 on a trip to Costa Rica, and hasn’t put the camera down since. He learned to develop his film images in the darkroom in high school, which taught him a deep appreciation for the process that goes into each individual photo. He has carried these lessons into his digital high-res photography.

Justin’s goal with his landscapes is to re-create the sensation of what it was like to be there at that location, in that moment and time. People often wonder if the colors and vibrancy in his photos are real, to which he always responds yes, and that he only edits his photos to bring back that sense of awe and wonder of what it was like to be there in person. His photos combine his love for the art of photography, with his love for being outside in the wilderness.

Justin has a Masters Degree in International Affairs, but doesn’t use it except for dinner conversation. His home is the San Francisco Bay Area, but he is currently living and exploring Portland, Oregon. In 2016 he founded Travelstoked, a website for outdoor, travel, and adventure photographers that brings together the latest in inspiration, tips, and recommendations for people aspiring to enter this field.