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765 megapixels!
Las Vegas Strip at the Cosmopolitan
Jim Tarpo
765 megapixels
1,349 megapixels!
A Golden Reflection
Dan Piech
1,349 megapixels
1,567 megapixels!
U.S. Capitol Building & Reflecting Pool in Early Spring Twilight
Tim Lo Monaco
1,567 megapixels
89 megapixels!
Golden Gate Above the Fog
Justin Katz
89 megapixels
230 megapixels!
Napa Valley Sunrise and Balloons
Justin Katz
230 megapixels
666 megapixels!
Florence, Italy at Sunset: Cropped
Justin Katz
666 megapixels
153 megapixels!
Moment before the Squall
David Meaux
153 megapixels
183 megapixels!
Jeff Lewis
183 megapixels
494 megapixels!
Tim Shields
494 megapixels
602 megapixels!
A New York Dream
Dan Piech
602 megapixels
560 megapixels!
Nick Pedersen
560 megapixels
180 megapixels!
Canopy I
Nick Pedersen
180 megapixels
171 megapixels!
Morning Reflection
Greg Probst
171 megapixels
120 megapixels!
Le Cap d'Agde en Violet
David Meaux
120 megapixels
366 megapixels!
Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes: Cropped
Greg Probst
366 megapixels

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Nature photos

180 megapixels!
Canopy II
Nick Pedersen
180 megapixels
319 megapixels!
Fall Colors in Seattle's Japanese Garden
Greg Probst
319 megapixels
121 megapixels!
The Green Curtains II
Scott Dimond
121 megapixels
407 megapixels!
Assaf Frank
407 megapixels
276 megapixels!
David David
276 megapixels
303 megapixels!
Greg Probst
303 megapixels
874 megapixels!
Dan Piech
874 megapixels
165 megapixels!
The Shape of the Wind II
Justin Katz
165 megapixels
344 megapixels!
Dan Piech
344 megapixels
524 megapixels!
The Mighty Skógafoss
Dan Piech
524 megapixels
361 megapixels!
Heavenly Falls
Greg Probst
361 megapixels
325 megapixels!
Lower Lewis Falls
Greg Probst
325 megapixels
366 megapixels!
Alone in Silence
Chris Collacott
366 megapixels
116 megapixels!
Fox on a Woodpile - Cropped
Aaron Priest
116 megapixels

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Featured photo:
Tribute in Light I  by Dan Piech

Memories and testaments to the September 11th attacks permeate many aspects of life in New York City. One of the most profound of these is the "Tribute in Light," an installation of 88 powerful spotlights projecting 616,000 watts of light from lower Manhattan into the night sky every year on the anniversary of the attacks. This creates two heavenly columns that ascend, seemingly forever - a stunningly beautiful and iconic testament to bravery, sacrifice, and resilience.

On the 15th anniversary of the attacks, nature put on its most impressive display to complement the memorial. I was set up on the Jersey City waterfront with all of my gear for producing the highest resolution photo of the memorial ever created. The sky was filled with wispy hints of clouds pleasantly drifting high overhead. As the sun descended under the horizon, the illumination on those clouds rapidly disappeared and the sky darkened much faster than usual thanks to the unusually dry atmosphere of the late summer day. This quickly shifted the hue of the sky to a beautifully muted deep blue, unveiling the memorial light beams... read more

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We're definitely a believer in the quality that VAST turns over, and look forward to any future applications we might have for some of the other amazing shots you provide.
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Picture of the VAST gallery location in New York City.

Featured fine art series:
Concrete Canvas  by Dan Piech

Dan Piech's Concrete Canvas series captures the accidental beauty that serendipitously occurs when the concrete beneath New Yorkers' feet is inadvertently graced by spilled paint, fallen debris, expanding cracks, chemical stains, and other delightful visual elements. An avid runner, Piech has spent over three years traversing every single Manhattan street in search of these overlooked "artworks" that have become part of the fabric of the city... read more
1,696 megapixels!
Concrete Canvas: Greenwich & Laight
Dan Piech
1,696 megapixels
1,024 megapixels!
Concrete Canvas: 7th & Bedford
Dan Piech
1,024 megapixels
1,759 megapixels!
Concrete Canvas: Delancey & Norfolk, Vertical
Dan Piech
1,759 megapixels
783 megapixels!
Concrete Canvas: 2nd & 7th
Dan Piech
783 megapixels
3,375 megapixels!
Concrete Canvas: Hudson & Jay
Dan Piech
3,375 megapixels
323 megapixels!
Concrete Canvas: 10th & Washington
Dan Piech
323 megapixels
1,098 megapixels!
Concrete Canvas: Duane & Staple
Dan Piech
1,098 megapixels
1,361 megapixels!
Concrete Canvas: Varick & Beach
Dan Piech
1,361 megapixels
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Featured photo:
Stormy Yosemite Sunset  by Justin Katz

Yosemite National Park might be my favorite place on planet Earth. Both for taking landscape photos, and for standing in awe of nature, traveling through the expansive wilderness of Yosemite is simply incredible. Living within close proximity to this natural wonder has made me very fortunate, and I have been able to travel here to take photographs on average around two times a year. I have been to Yosemite in every season, and have explored the major accessible attractions, as well as the deeper wilderness that you can only get to via multi-day hike.

The view of Half-Dome and the surrounding Yosemite Valley from the Glacier Point lookout is one that many visitors will be familiar with. Very few people however, have experienced it in the dramatic setting that I was fortunate enough to be in when I took this VAST photo. As sundown approached, most travelers have left and a thunderstorm was quickly approaching. I climbed down below the path to find the optimal place where no trees were in the way, and I waited for the moment when the clouds had perfectly crept into half of the frame... read more

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I didn't realize just how stunning a large format photograph could look until I saw one of these.
- Emily K. from New Jersey