Portrait photo of Greg Probst, a VAST photographer creating extremely high resolution photographs

Greg Probst

Hampton Falls, NH

Greg Probst is an award-winning, New Hampshire-based photographer with more than four decades of experience finding beauty in the world around him.

After graduating from photography school in 1983, Greg began his career when he packed up an old Toyota pickup with his 4x5 view camera, a couple dozen film holders, and a few hundred dollars. He then set out on the first of hundreds of trips reaching all 50 states, 9 Canadian provinces, 23 countries and 6 continents. Over the course of these trips, he honed his skill for finding stunningly beautiful compositions while building an impressive body of photographic work. This experience has enabled him to recently pursue digital photography and the VAST technique for creating exceptionally high resolution photographs.

Greg became interested in photography when he saw magic happen for the first time in a junior high school darkroom. College level photography schools taught studio photography; no one was teaching landscape photography so Greg decided to learn by the example of others and decided to just go out and explore. He discovered you need to learn how to "look" before you can "see." The first few years didn’t produce many images but he covered hundreds of thousands of miles on some very remote back roads where he continues to go back to, like revisiting an old friend.

The most impactful event in Greg’s photographic career was working for the National Park Service as a photographer/ranger/firefighter at the Grand Canyon. Having Mother Nature in his backyard allowed him to develop his eye over the 5 years he was a ranger from 1987-92.

Although Greg’s career started by doing landscape photography but now also includes various other subjects including cityscapes. The skill set required is very similar: knowing where to be and when to be there and then watching light fall on a subject - it is the same on Mt. Rainier as it is on the Seattle skyline.

Greg believes that evolution of the eye and exploration of the geographic world go hand in hand. This ethos can be found reflected in his portfolio of VAST photos.