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Concrete Canvas: Hudson & Jay

A close-up of "Concrete Canvas: Hudson & Jay" by Dan Piech: an ultra-high-resolution VAST photo.
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3,375 megapixels! A very high resolution, large-format VAST photo print of a minimalist abstract artwork; photograph created by Dan Piech in Manhattan, New York City

Concrete Canvas: Hudson & Jay

Manhattan, New York City

Dan Piech's "Concrete Canvas" series captures the accidental beauty that serendipitously occurs when the concrete beneath New Yorkers' feet is inadvertently graced by spilled paint, fallen debris, expanding cracks, chemical stains, and other delightful visual elements. An avid runner, Piech has spent over three years traversing every single Manhattan street in search of these overlooked "artworks" that have become part of the fabric of the city.

As the founder of the VAST artist collective, Piech uses advanced imaging techniques and equipment to create unprecedented gigapixel-quality photographs that capture every intricate detail of these ephemeral designs. The exceptionally high resolution photographs are then printed in large formats, resulting in impeccably precise physical replicas of the walkways.

Each Concrete Canvas piece embodies the unique soul of New York and challenges us to find beauty in the overlooked, the accidental, the minuscule, and the transient.

Explore the full Concrete Canvas series here.

Date & TimeJuly 30, 2021:  9:44am
LocationManhattan, New York City
Coordinates40.717906, -74.009166
Focal Length135mm
Num of Exposures161

VAST photos are the highest resolution photos ever made.
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This is not an ordinary photograph.

Its resolution is 15,971% greater than a typical photo. Click on the boxes below to zoom in.

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A very high resolution, large-format VAST photo print of a heart shape of spilled paint on the sidewalk; fine art photo created by Dan Piech as part of the Concrete Canvas series in New York CityA very high resolution, large-format VAST photo print of a sidewalk; fine art photo created by Dan Piech as part of the Concrete Canvas series in New York CityA very high resolution, large-format VAST photo print of a sidewalk with a crack; artistic photograph created by Dan Piech in Manhattan, New York CityA very high resolution, large-format VAST photo print of paint on the New York City Sidewalk; artistic abstract photograph created by Dan Piech in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City
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Fine art print

We spared no expense in the creation of the museum-caliber fine art prints for Dan Piech's Concrete Canvas series. Our fine art prints are made using the highest quality, state-of-the-art inkjet printing processes and materials. Our printer uses pigment inks (not dye-based inks) carefully laid down onto premium, extremely-smooth paper to ensure the maximum amount clarity, vibrancy, and color reproduction. Click on the icons below to learn more or click here to explore further.

You can purchase one of our fine art prints as just the paper print (that you can frame locally) or the print mounted inside of one of our handcrafted frames made from the highest quality Italian wood. The mount causes the print to appear to float effortlessly within the frame and the resulting gap between the print and the frame border acts as a visual mat, providing depth and elegance to the piece. This moulding style and format was specifically chosen by the artist Dan Piech to be used for his Concrete Canvas series.

Your piece has two certificates of authenticity hand-signed by the artist and the printmaker: one affixed to the rear of the frame and one standalone. Additionally, each print is assigned a unique serial number via a permanent hologram seal and recorded in our registry. Its provenance is tracked and verified using state-of-the-art digital technology. Learn more.

Note: to fully show off the beauty of the print and reinforce the illusion that it is actually the NYC sidewalk concrete, there is no glazing on the front of the piece. Click on the icons below to learn more.




Satin black
Opaque white
Belvinder brown
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Canvas print

Our ready-to-hang canvas prints are created using a specialty printer that carefully lays pigment inks down onto archival-quality fine art canvas material. The canvas is then stretched around a 1.5-inch-deep wood support structure to provide depth and elegance. Our canvas material has a delightfully matte finish that looks spectacular in any lighting conditions while retaining maximum vibrancy and contrast. Click here to learn more.

Produced using a specialty, large-format fine art printer operating at 300ppi resolution—the gold standard for sharpness
Printed onto heavyweight, 100% acid-free fine art canvas to preserve color-accuracy and longevity
Created using materials and methods that exceed the rigorous technical standards required to achieve the prized "giclée" industry rating
Designed to meet the most demanding standards for color-permanence set by leading museums
Handmade by award-winning master printmakers with over 4 decades of experience
Optionally accompanied by your choice of elegant floater frame available in a variety of trims
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