A look at the VAST certificate of authenticity
Portrait photo of Dan Piech, a VAST photographer artist creating very high resolution fine art photos of cityscapes and landscapes
Dan Piech
Founder & CEO: VAST

The standalone VAST certificate of authenticity is a valuable component of every VAST Print we make. In conjunction with the affixed certificate of authenticity, it serves to validate the nature of a print as a genuine VAST Print. We take great pride in the quality of our photos, printing process, and brand - and our certificate of authenticity system protects those things, both for us and for you, the owner.

Each standalone certificate contains 5 core elements:

A VAST Certificate of Authenticity
  1. Information about the photo: when it was created, the location where it was created, and its resolution.
  2. Information about the specific print: its edition count, the size and printing mechanism used, and where the print was created.
  3. Digital provenance tracking: the authenticity and provenance of each VAST Print is tracked and verified using state-of-the-art digital technology.
  4. Signed certification statement: Our signed assertion of the genuine nature of (and, if applicable, the limited edition nature of) the VAST Print. This signature, like all of our signatures, is made using an archival-quality permanent ink pen.
  5. Hologram seal: Our hologram seal contains built-in anti-counterfeit mechanisms and is permanently affixed to the certificate with tamper-evident adhesive. The unique serial number of the print is imprinted on it. An identical seal is permanently affixed to the print.
A hologram seal on a VAST certificate of authenticity

You should keep the certificate of authenticity that comes with your VAST Print safe. In addition to being something you can take pride in, it is a valuable tool should you wish to sell your VAST Print in the future.

In addition to the standalone certificate you receive, we make an identical copy (with an identical hologram seal) that remains in our registry of genuine VAST Prints. Among other reasons, this is so that we may match certificates should someone call into question the legitimacy of a VAST Print.

The VAST registry of certificates of authenticity for VAST Prints

All of these mechanisms are designed to protect each VAST Print as something genuinely unique and special. We take great pride in our work and want to ensure you can to.

A VAST Certificate of Authenticity in the envelope