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Amazing Vancouver

959 megapixel VAST photo
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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959 megapixels! A very high resolution, large-format VAST photo print of the Vancouver skyline; photograph created by Chris Collacott in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Amazing Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

This multi-row pano captures three dynamic elements of beauty that we are lucky to have in Vancouver—the city, the mountains, and the ocean. Originally shot in 2013, this award-winning photo represents a unique moment in time, capturing an unobstructed view of the downtown Vancouver skyline that no longer exists, overtaken by new buildings and additions to the city.

Taken just after sunset, the glow of the horizon reflects off the expansive cityscape, lighting up the buildings in a stunning display of golden orange hues. Since Vancouver sunsets evolve and transform from one moment to the next, I had a short 10-minute window to take the 100 photos that combine for a panoramic view with incredibly precise detail; from the clarity of the windmill on Grouse Mountain and the ski hills on Cypress, to a friend’s boat easily spotted in the False Creek Marina.

Timing the reflection of the post-sunset glow provided a similar challenge to capturing the co-existence of colorful autumn foliage set against the backdrop of fresh snowfall on the mountaintops. I’d attempted this shot many times only to find the clouds had rolled in, or Vancouver’s unpredictable weather had simply rendered the day a miss. This photo holds a lot of meaning, commemorating the transformative and dynamic beauty of my favorite city—amazing Vancouver.

Awards & Accolades: the EPSON International Photographic Pano Award - Bronze Award for “Amazing Vancouver,” the International Photography Awards (IPA) Honorable Mention (Pro) in Panoramic Category for “Amazing Vancouver.”

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Total Pixels959,175,000
Horizontal Pixels63,000
Vertical Pixels15,225
Aspect Ratio4.14 : 1
File Size5,481 MB
Width @ 300ppi (perfect)17.5 feet
Height @ 300ppi4.23 feet
Width @ 150ppi (near-perfect)35 feet
Height @ 150ppi8.46 feet

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Its resolution is 4,466% greater than a typical photo.

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