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542 megapixels! A very high resolution, large-format VAST photo of the New York City skyline and buildings; gigapixel photograph created by Dan Piech in Manhattan

New York Awakens: Very Cropped

Midtown Manhattan, New York City
February 18, 2018

Thumbnail from 542 megapixels! A very high resolution, large-format VAST photo of the New York City skyline and buildings; gigapixel photograph created by Dan Piech in Manhattan

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If you've never seen a sunrise in New York City, you're missing out on one of the more beautiful experiences this world has to offer. I don't make that statement lightly. The interplay of man-made beauty and natural beauty that occurs on a New York morning is surreal.

Many photographers choose to focus their sunrise photography efforts on capturing the sun and sky, facing their lenses east. For this VAST photo, I chose to direct my lens westward towards the New York skyline which was reflecting the sunrise transpiring behind me. This is the interplay of man and nature that I love so much: buildings gleaming in the bouquet of beautiful hues nature has provided.

Hours before this scene happened, I was setting up my panorama gear in the dark of night on top of a private building in Queens. It was freezing cold and a snowstorm had left a blanket of snow in which I had to work. The dark city loomed in front of me. It was 5am on a winter Sunday with a new moon so it was about the darkest the city ever gets. My cold fingers were a constant nag to head back inside to warmth - and the uninspiring, dark skyline didn't provide much motivation.

Shortly after 6am the skyline slowly began to brighten. I turned around and faced east to see the horizon beginning to glow. It was this glow that was illuminating the cityscape.

At this point, it was just a matter of waiting for the perfect moment when the skyline was its brightest relative to the sky behind it. I love moments like this because they provide a stark contrast between foreground and background, leading the foreground to pop out of the image. Furthermore, we are accustomed to cityscape photos where the skyline is darker than the sky behind it, so this scene, with its inverted lighting, made for a particularly unique image.

At 6:42am, the moment was perfect. The 845 United Nations Plaza tower was brightly aglow with the fire of the swiftly progressing sunrise. I began shooting the 42 exposures that comprise this panorama of the New York City skyline. I needed to do so as quickly as possible to ensure consistent lighting and to capture the moment before it passed.

In this ultra-high-resolution scene are thousands of windows, home to countless New Yorkers awakening to a beautiful sunrise.

Note: A small part of the southern tip of Roosevelt Island was originally visible in the lower-right corner of this image but has been edited out of the final image for artistic intent.

Stunning image clarity

This 542-megapixel VAST photo is one of the highest definition photographs ever created. It has a resolution equivalent to 261 HDTVs.

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Date & TimeFebruary 18, 2018:  6:42am
LocationMidtown Manhattan, New York City
Coordinates40.746117, -73.957213
CameraCanon 5DS
Megapixels per Exposure50.6
LensCanon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II
Focal Length200mm
Shutter Speed1/8
Number of Exposures42


Total Pixels542,464,641
Horizontal Pixels33,063
Vertical Pixels16,407
Aspect Ratio1 : 2.02
File Size3,100 MB
Width @ 300ppi (perfect)9.18 feet
Height @ 300ppi4.56 feet
Width @ 150ppi (near-perfect)18.37 feet
Height @ 150ppi9.12 feet
Canon 5DS
Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II
Canon 5DS
Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II


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