Portrait photo of Assaf Frank, a VAST photographer creating extremely high resolution photographs

Assaf Frank

St Albans, United Kingdom

Evoking Emotions Through Captivating Imagery

Assaf Frank, a passionate fine art photographer, embarked on his creative journey with a serendipitous twist. While pursuing a successful career in software development, Assaf's love for photography had always lingered from his early days of capturing moments with his father's Nikon camera. However, it was a fortuitous encounter in 2002 that set the wheels of destiny in motion.

During his time in London, Assaf crossed paths with his future wife, a talented food stylist immersed in the world of designing food for packaging and commercials. Recognising Assaf's innate talent and unwavering interest for photography, she became his guiding light, nurturing his skills and encouraging him to pursue a full-time career behind the lens.

His style as a fine art photographer is constantly evolving as he explores diverse themes and trends while staying true to his client's visions. His work is a blend of colours and storytelling.

Self-taught, Assaf's journey as a photographer has been a testament to his dedication and resourcefulness. Armed with his software background, he quickly mastered the technical aspects of photography, developing a seamless workflow for image editing and delivery. His transition to medium format photography, with a Hasselblad H1 and a Phase One digital back, marked a pivotal moment of commitment to his craft. Sacrificing his beloved sports car, Assaf invested the money in top-of-the-line equipment, ensuring the highest quality and resolution for his images. Today, he continues to create inspiring visuals with his trusted Fujifilm GFX 100, harnessing the power of medium format photography.

Assaf's photographic explorations span a wide range of subjects, he balances the lure of outdoor adventures, embracing the elements, with the meticulous attention to detail found in his studio work, the intricate details of still-life compositions, and the delicate nuances of macro photography. Through his lens, Assaf uncovers the hidden beauty in flowers, leaves, feathers and butterflies, crafting interior-friendly designs that harmonize colours and patterns.

Weaving a masterful use of colours through his images. Employing spot colours to accentuate specific objects that draw viewers into the heart of the image. The interplay of light and shadow during the blue hour, the cinematic feel of city lights, and the placement of props in familiar settings all contribute to the narrative he skilfully captures. Furthermore, Assaf's versatility extends to providing customers with multiple colour variations of an image, allowing them to find the perfect fit for their design vision.

Throughout his career, Assaf has fearlessly experimented with various techniques, pushing the boundaries of his artistry. From capturing enchanting evening cityscapes and landscapes to exploring the timeless elegance of black-and-white photography. His mastery of macro photography, stitched panoramas, and multi-shot techniques adds depth to his body of work.

Based in the vibrant vicinity of London, Assaf finds endless inspiration in the bustling cityscapes. However, his love for photography has also taken him across the globe, capturing the stunning skyline of New York, Paris, and Rome and amazing land and beach scenes in different environments.

Adapting to the ever-changing demands of the market, Assaf has found the perfect balance between commercial photography projects and his personal artistic endeavours. The appreciation and support of his clients and the joy of being able to make a living from his craft drive him to continuously refine his skills and expand his collection.

While Assaf's work has graced the portfolios of renowned publishers and manufacturers worldwide through his licensing business, his dedication to his art has not led him down the path of exhibitions. However, after years of focusing on finding new clients and establishing fruitful partnerships, he now contemplates sharing his high-resolution imagery with a new audience through exhibitions.

Assaf's talent has not gone unnoticed within the photography community. His exceptional skills earned him the honour of having nine of his images shortlisted for the prestigious Landscape Photographer of the Year, a testament to his creative vision and technical skills.

Looking ahead, Assaf envisions a future that stays true to his passion for photography. By continuing to capture the subjects he loves—studio still life, landscapes, and cityscapes—he aims to expand his body of work, infusing each image with his unique perspective. Embracing the advice of his wife to remain authentic and true to himself.