Portrait photo of Tim Lo Monaco, a VAST photographer

Tim Lo Monaco

Washington, D.C.

From Arlington, Virginia, Tim is the youngest of two sons of a Sicilian born, Uruguay-raised entrepreneur and native Arlingtonian. Tim developed a love for traveling and discovering new things at an early age. He more or less stumbled upon photography when he bought his first SLR camera in 2001, the Nikon FM-10. It was then where he began to learn how to take a picture based on the happy balance of shutter speed and aperture.

Tim’s relationship with photography is best described as one of passion. For over 20 years, curiosity and wonder has driven him to explore different subjects to photograph as well as the means to achieve his artistic vision in the final image. His style of photography stems from a constant fascination with the world around him and his efforts to transfer the visual and emotional stimulation he derives from a particular scene onto film.

Over the past years Tim has embraced technological advances to compliment his artistic vision rather than to replace it. An aficionado of large-scale prints, Tim was never satisfied with the underwhelming appearance of ordinary prints when viewed at close distances. That refusal to accept the size limitations of traditional prints propelled him to learn and refine the VAST technique for creating photographs that perfectly capture even the smallest, most intricate details of a scene. His expertise with this technique also enabled him to break from the perspective limitations of camera lenses to create photographs with ultra-wide perspectives, including full-spherical panoramas. Other methods he utilizes include focus stacking to achieve infinite depth of field and exposure blending to attain a wider dynamic range which more closely mimics that of the human eye.

Tim’s passion for photography is defined by his enjoyment with capturing moments in time for posterity and his willingness to continually push the envelope. As a result, his work conveys his feelings of awe and connects the viewer to his experiences.

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VAST photographer Tim Lo Monaco of the VAST artist collective