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Alps Giants - Matterhorn winter sunset

A close-up of "Alps Giants - Matterhorn winter sunset" by Duilio Fiorille: an ultra-high-resolution VAST photo.
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671 megapixels! A very high resolution, large-format VAST photo print of the Matterhorn; photograph created by Duilio Fiorille in Breuil Cervinia, Valtournenche, Valle d'Aosta, Italy

Alps Giants - Matterhorn winter sunset

Breuil Cervinia, Valtournenche, Valle d'Aosta, Italy

For some time now I have been planning to create a VASTPHOTO of the Matterhorn massif, one of the most famous mountains of the Alps ever. I made attempts in the summer, but the constant presence of very thick clouds always prevented their sight.

Taking advantage of a long period of drought that has lasted for months with always clear skies, in January 2022 I went to the city of Cervinia and I was able to take very high resolution photos of the mountain and capture details never seen before in a photograph.

The weather conditions were perfect for taking photos in very high resolution: wind, dry air and very accentuated visibility, soft winter light. The sky was absolutely clear of clouds throughout the day: perhaps not interesting, but this allowed to collect all the possible details with great detail in every part of the image.

If you explore the photo you will see a great deal of detail, both of the mountain with its variegated rocks of different colors, and of the surrounding structures of the various facilities of the City of Cervinia, including several skiers while carrying out sports activities.

I now report some data from the mountains and the surrounding area.

The Matterhorn (Cervin in French; Matterhorn in German) is a mountain of the Alps 4478 meters high, seventh peak and third Italian mountain by altitude, located in the Western Alps (Pennine Alps - Weisshorn and Matterhorn Alps - Chain Bouquetins-Matterhorn chain), along the border between Italy and Switzerland (west of the Monte Rosa massif, east of the Grand Combin and south-west of the Mischabel Massif).

With a prominence of 1031 meters (it is necessary to descend to Col Durand (3451 meters) to climb to higher peaks) and an isolation of 13.7 kilometers (the highest mountain of it closest is the Western Lyskamm (4481 meters), in the Monte Rosa massif), it stands isolated from the rest of the other surrounding peaks and overlooks the villages of Breuil-Cervinia in the south in Italy and Zermatt in the north in Switzerland, well-known summer and winter tourist resorts.

Characterized by the particular very pronounced pyramidal shape, it has significantly marked the history of mountaineering: its north face is in fact one of the classic north walls of the Alps and around it develops the Ski area of the Matterhorn Ski Paradise with the possibility of summer skiing on the glacier of the Plateau Rosa.

The lower part of the Matterhorn consists of gabbro, while the central part consists mainly of ortogneiss, a high-grade metamorphic rock formed due to the collision between plates from Europe and Africa. This collision, which probably occurred around a hundred million years ago, raised the mountain range of the Alps, forming numerous peaks.

The particular shape of the Matterhorn was subsequently caused by erosion: four glacial cirques were formed leaving a pyramidal peak in the center. Other examples of this geological evolution are the Ama Dablam, in the Himalayas, or the Cimon della Pala, in the Dolomites. The ridge is formed by crystalline shales.

Due to its location on the main Alpine watershed and its considerable height, the Matterhorn is exposed to sudden weather variations. In particular, in the leeward part the characteristic flag cloud is often formed.

For a long time the Matterhorn was considered inviolable for the boldness of its walls. In the nineteenth century many mountaineers approached the mountain without being able to win it. The first recorded attempts date back to the years 1858-1859. The summit was conquered on July 14, 1865 at 13:40.

Date & TimeJanuary 20, 2022:  5:49pm - 5:57pm
LocationBreuil Cervinia, Valtournenche, Valle d'Aosta, Italy
Coordinates45.927797, 7.619769
Focal Length400mm
Shutter Speed1/80sec - 1/30sec
Number of Exposures81
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Total Pixels670,738,068
Horizontal Pixels23,931
Vertical Pixels28,028
Aspect Ratio0.85 : 1
File Size3,833 MB
Width @ 300ppi (perfect)6.65 feet
Height @ 300ppi7.79 feet
Width @ 150ppi (near-perfect)13.3 feet
Height @ 150ppi15.57 feet

Date & TimeJanuary 20, 2022:  5:49pm - 5:57pm
LocationBreuil Cervinia, Valtournenche, Valle d'Aosta, Italy
Coordinates45.927797, 7.619769
Focal Length400mm
Shutter Speed1/80sec - 1/30sec
Number of Exposures81

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