Portrait photo of Aaron Priest, a VAST photographer artist creating very high resolution fine art panorama photos of landscapes in Maine and New England

Aaron Priest

Maine, USA
[email protected]

Aaron D. Priest is a Master Photographer with over twenty years of experience in professional photography. He specializes in VAST photos, high-resolution HDR 360° panoramas, and 4K timelapses of New England. In addition to receiving numerous awards for his photography, his work has been featured by CBS News,, Accuweather, PetaPixel, Roundme, TeliportMe, Google, and in several galleries, magazines, and newspapers.

Aaron is a world-renowned pioneer in the developing field of ultra-high-resolution, high dynamic range imagery. With his background in photography and computer engineering, he has helped to develop advanced software and hardware for many companies in this growing market. This unique skillset has enabled Aaron to create some of the most technically impressive and aesthetically beautiful images in history.

In addition to his efforts pushing the cutting-edge of technical image creation, Aaron also produces advanced virtual reality tours and is a well-recognized photography teacher. He regularly hosts workshops and lectures on a variety of advanced image-making topics, from landscape astrophotography to panoramas and timelapses.