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A close-up of "Karma" by Jeff Lewis: an ultra-high-resolution VAST photo.
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415 megapixels! A very high resolution, large-format VAST photo print of a San Francisco landscape at sunrise; photograph created by Jeff Lewis in San Francisco, California

There are a handful of views of San Francisco that have become extremely popular with photographers. All of them are beautiful, and worth a visit. But sometimes, once you've seen all of those... you feel an urge to try somewhere different.

A few months before, one of my friends and her son were headed off on a trip, and casually mentioned the $100 or so they'd set aside for a Lyft ride to catch their red-eye flight. I said NOPE, you are not paying for that. I will see you at 10pm at your place, and drive you! They were immensely grateful, and we had a great time. A week later, I picked them up, but I decided to leave home a few hours early and explore this new area on the way.

It turned out to be an amazing area, with multiple stunning vista points of the city and beyond. I knew I would have to return for fog someday.

Fast forward a month or so, and I've just returned home from a trip to Colorado, and I'm spending the night with family in San Jose. My partner has activities planned down south all day, so if I go out for sunrise, I need to get back as early as possible.

I remembered this spot I had found on the way to pick up my friend, checked a few webcams, and knew this was the day. As I pulled up to the trailhead, I knew the conditions were going to be perfect. I thanked my friend, for allowing me to take her to the airport, which in turn resulted in this unique image of San Francisco. One might call it karma.

This VAST photo shows the San Francisco skyline, peeking out from behind its rolling hills and a blanket of fog, featuring neighborhoods that are rarely spotlighted in photos. As the sun rose, it bathed the scene in stunning golden light, which was the lighting I chose for this image. It needs to be seen large, and up close!

Date & TimeOctober 3, 2021:  7:10am
LocationSan Francisco, California
Coordinates37.817501, -122.478592
Focal Length152mm
Shutter Speed1/30 sec
Number of Exposures9

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Acrylic glass display

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Certificate of authenticity  
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Mounting brace floats the display
off the wall by 1 inch
Metal back
Paper print
Acrylic glass
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Digital file

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Total Pixels414,997,648
Horizontal Pixels41,032
Vertical Pixels10,114
Aspect Ratio4.06 : 1
File Size2,371 MB
Width @ 300ppi (perfect)11.4 feet
Height @ 300ppi2.81 feet
Width @ 150ppi (near-perfect)22.8 feet
Height @ 150ppi5.62 feet

Date & TimeOctober 3, 2021:  7:10am
LocationSan Francisco, California
Coordinates37.817501, -122.478592
Focal Length152mm
Shutter Speed1/30 sec
Number of Exposures9

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