Portrait photo of Alfred Feil, a VAST photographer creating extremely high resolution photographs

Alfred Feil

Kempten, Germany

Alfred lives in the south of Bavaria-Germany. His Photo-passion often leads him to fantastic mountain regions.
For him, photography is not just a means to an end, but like a second mother tongue. A language in which he can express his view of things in a pictorial and creative way.
Its territory is the most diverse landscapes of our planet. From the sunny south to the icy Arctic worlds, he wants to bring the sensitive intimacy and unique meaning of nature closer with his emotional images and call for respectful interaction.
For years, he has been passionate about ultra-high-resolution panoramic photography. Depending on the requirements, he creates the gigapixel images with a motorized panoramic head or manually. He tries to capture the most fleeting moments of a beautiful mood, the perfect light and not only to preserve them in the heart.
Light is everything. The search for the perfect moment is one of the main features of his works.

VAST photographer Alfred Feil of the VAST artist collective