Gigapixel Textures

David Lineton

David Lineton's collection of extremely high resolution texture photographs is truly unparalleled.

First, David and his team sourced a variety of the highest quality marble slabs, wood panels, slate tiles, and other beautiful materials. Then, he photographed them using the VAST technique for creating photos that are hundreds of times higher resolution than normal photographs.

The resulting images are exquisite, not only in their artistic quality and aesthetic character, but also their incredible resolution. This resolution allows these texture images to be printed and used at very large sizes without being blurry or low quality the way that normal resolution texture photos would be if used at large sizes.

David's collection of texture photo files is perfect for large art pieces, wall coverings, wall murals, backdrops, wallpapers, faux-materials, and so much more. The gigapixel-quality digital files are available to be licensed for your project today.