This is not
an ordinary

Its resolution is 947% greater than
a typical fine art photograph.

It is one of the highest quality images
ever created.


Pink Spring Blossom

220 megapixel VAST photo

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220 megapixels! A very high resolution, large-format VAST photo print of flower artwork; macro photograph created by Anja Axelsson

Pink Spring Blossom


Inspired by Hanami the Japanese celebration of the transient beauty of flowers. Anja portrays a Kanzan Cherry in full bloom, a double-flowered cultivar developed in the Edo period. It has 20 to 50 petals in a flower. And the fresh leaves are copper brown. This artwork - is a permanent and poetic reminder of gratitude and enjoying life in the here and now.

VAST photos are the highest resolution photos ever made.
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This is not an ordinary photograph.

Its resolution is 2,852% greater than a typical photo. Click on the boxes below to zoom in.

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Our photographic prints are created using a specialty, large-format fine art printer designed to produce archival, museum-grade prints. They are true "chromogenic" prints: light-sensitive paper exposed in a darkroom using state-of-the-art lasers to produce the sharpest possible image. Click on the icons below to learn more or click here to explore further.

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Acrylic glass display

Our acrylic glass displays are ready-to-hang works of art that contain one of our photographic prints sealed between flame-polished acrylic glass and an aluminum backing. A hidden mounting brace on the rear causes the display to gracefully "float" off the wall for a sleek, modern frameless look that complements nearly any decor style. Click on the icons below to learn more or click here to explore further.

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Mounting brace floats the display
off the wall by 1 inch
Metal back
Paper print
Acrylic glass
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Total Pixels219,672,732
Horizontal Pixels21,396
Vertical Pixels10,267
Aspect Ratio2.08 : 1
File Size1,255 MB
Width @ 300ppi (perfect)5.94 feet
Height @ 300ppi2.85 feet
Width @ 150ppi (near-perfect)11.89 feet
Height @ 150ppi5.7 feet

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This is not an ordinary photograph.

Its resolution is 947% greater than a typical photo.

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