Portrait photo of Jim Tarpo, a VAST artist creating very high resolution landscape and cityscape photographs.

Jim Tarpo

Aliso Viejo, California
Jim Tarpo is an artist and graphical designer with a natural affinity for the camera. This affinity has grown into a full-blown passion for capturing images in ultra-high-resolution. Rather than simply taking a picture, he uses the camera as an image acquisition instrument to photograph every section of the subject in its full detail, carefully attending to the exposure and focus requirements at each position.

The exceptional craftsmanship of Jim’s work has enabled him to successfully launch his own company offering decorative fluorescent light panels printed with his creations to the commercial and residential markets.

Jim is frequently commissioned to create photographs for projects where extremely large, wall-sized imagery is needed. With his excellent photography skills, the willingness to carry heavy panoramic gear to remote locations, and the rare technical ability to compose it in post processing, he has authored a compelling portfolio of ultra-high-resolution VAST photos.

Photographing magnificent, remote subjects requires time, travel, expense, and effort. When those obstacles have been overcome and Jim is finally standing behind the camera, he reaches into the scene with as much optical power as possible, capturing it in fantastic detail. Post processing the dozens of shot variations, with their different exposures and focus points, into a completed composition, he produces an image that results in fabulous quality prints no matter how large the size requirement.


2018: 2nd Place - Fusion Art, Cityscapes Exhibition

2017: Honorable Mention - Fusion Art, Skies Exhibition