Portrait photo of David David, a VAST photographer creating extremely high resolution photographs

David David

The Great Outdoors

David David’s founding of the non-profit Outdoors for Everyone Project and becoming an expert in the photographic discipline of Ultra High-Resolution Imagery, are closely intertwined.

It was 2010 and David had no interest in, and knew very little about, photography. He could “point and shoot” and that was about it. Two events changed all that.

First, he found himself in Yellowstone National Park with his oldest son and a Park Ranger. At one point, in what would prove to be a six-hour adventure of a lifetime, they watched as a spectacular event unfolded before their eyes. Afterward, the Ranger turned to David and his son and exclaimed, “I’ve been doing this for 35 years and I’ve never seen anything like that before!” They both realized then that they had witnessed something truly special. But unfortunately, David found himself without any means to capture the event for posterity. He vowed to never let that happen again.

Second, as he began both traveling more and becoming more proficient in capturing images, he would share them with family, friends, and others upon returning home from various excursions. As his photography improved, everyone seemed to enjoy not only the photos he returned with, but also the stories that accompanied them. One day, as he shared stories and photos with a particular group of individuals, it dawned on him that those individuals would never have the opportunity, in person, to witness what he had photographed. And as much as they were enjoying the photos, he also thought that there had to be a better way to share the photos than just on his cell phone. This began his journey toward, and eventual expertise in, Ultra High-Resolution Imagery.

This also eventually led to his founding of the non-profit Outdoors for Everyone Project. Its mission; "Delivering Mental Health And Quality Of Life Solutions Through Therapeutic Immersive Imagery." This is accomplished in a twofold manner. First, through the placement (donation) of imagery to locations where one would find the handicapped, special needs, disabled, shut-in, infirmed, seniors, veterans, or others lacking a personal means for outdoor exposure. Second, the giving of various in-person, on-site programs about the outdoors. In a nutshell, the Outdoors for Everyone Project brings the inspirational, educational, and therapeutic health benefits of the outdoors to those that lack the ability or opportunity to get out and experience it for themselves. Ultra High-Resolution Imagery plays an intricate role.

Today, this is what drives David's photography. It supports him so he can tend to the non-profit, it helps fund the non-profit, and provides imagery used by the non-profit to accomplish its mission. So, he invites you to bring some beauty and healing into your home or work environment today by purchasing an exceptional piece of artwork, a VAST Ultra High-Resolution Image.