Peter Rodger

Peter Rodger’s Arabian Desert series explores the unspoiled, often un-visited expanses of Neom and Al Ula in Saudi Arabia.

Taken over several months in 2021, these images capture desert at its best and seldom seen.

“I have photographed in sixty-three countries. There is only one place I have experienced where you can drive for days off road without coming across a fence and explore terrain that has probably only been seen by the local Bedouin population – that is if you have the right vehicle and skills for driving up and down dunes and not getting stuck. It is endless, stretching for thousands of kilometers. One can’t help thinking – has anyone actually been here before? Has anyone stood in this very spot and taken in this immensity of scale amid the dead silence of this empty world?”

By using the VAST process, Peter can help bring that experience into your world by enabling others to view it and perceive it in the greatest detail and in phenomenal natural composition.

Timeless nature, immensity, beauty and emptiness combine into a visual harmony available in color and warm black & white.