Portrait photo of Steve Webster, a VAST photographer artist creating very high resolution fine art photos of waterfalls, nature, and landscapes

Steve Webster

Edmonton, Canada
Steve Webster is a photographic artist from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His early works involved large format, black and white photography, mostly 4x5 inch film cameras, however for the past ten years he has been heavily involved in digital photography and large format digital printing.

His signature work, the “Velvet Waters: Waterton Jasper” series, features colour and black and white images taken from the beautiful location of Waterton Lakes National Park and Jasper National Park located in the province of Alberta, Canada. The images, most of which are in panoramic format, were made using a regular high resolution digital camera, but extremely high resolutions were achieved by making each image not of one digital shot but by combining multiple, overlapping detailed shots into one exceptionally high resolution master file. The result of this process is the perfect meshing together of individual images to achieve digital files that can be printed to huge sizes and still maintain incredible resolution and beauty.

Steve has always been interested and drawn to water in the environment, specifically waterfalls and rivers. Water is Canada’s most valuable and abundant natural resource. The “Velvet Waters: Waterton Jasper” series seeks to document the beautiful and environmentally precarious waterfalls of Waterton Lakes National Park and Jasper National Park, using high resolution digital cameras to create a series of large digital photographs. Focus was on the immense waterfalls and water shed areas of the region with the intent of capturing and documenting their incredible beauty through the panoramic format.