Prairie Remnant

Scott Dimond

Scott Dimond’s Prairie Remnant series vividly portrays memories that have been touched by the winds of time. The beautiful scenes hold stories whose bones only remain in the silhouettes of former homes, bringing us on a journey into a bygone era.

The wistful, stark, and impeccably composed scenes are as emotive as they are sharp and contrastive. Leading lines and carefully placed subjects in wide expansive scenes are specifically crafted to capture the mood and set the scene for a story. Further, Scott’s use of time-of-day, color tones, and black & white bring back the era of these prairie remnants.

Additionally, by using the VAST process, Scott brings unparalleled detail to these photographs, providing a breathtaking realism even at exceptionally large print sizes.

Prairie Remnant asks us to ponder the nature of time, permanence, and change.