Portrait photo of Guido Brandt, a VAST photographer artist creating very high resolution fine art photos of landscapes and cityscapes

Guido Brandt

Irvine, California

Guido Brandt is a German born, Australian professional photographer that currently lives in Southern California exploring the beautiful landscapes of the southwest US.

With a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, Guido has worked most of his career in high-tech industries creating new products that others thought were impossible, ranging from novel consumer products, scientific and industrial instruments to complex electro-medical medical laboratory equipment that helps to earlier detect and treat diseases with better patient outcomes.

In 2010, with the ease of today’s modern digital cameras, Guido re-discovered his love for photography particularly in architectural and landscape photography. Very rapidly this hobby turned into a very focused passion: beginner cameras were replaced with professional bodies and lenses and countless trips were dedicated to being outdoors and photography. Together with a lot of self-education, Guido’s images were soon of award level in various national and international photography competitions. Last but not least he is an accredited Master Photographer (APP, M Photog) in Australia’s peak industry body, the Australian Institute for Professional Photographers (AIPP) through his success in its competitions.

In 2015 he relocated to Southern California after a 5-week road trip sparked a passion to capture the landscape and National Parks of America’s Southwest.

Naturally, the combination of artistic creation with the technical challenge of exceptionally high resolution images, VAST photos are right in the sweet spot of Guido’s talents.