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Each VAST Print™ is a true photograph created specifically for you using light-sensitive paper exposed in a darkroom with the industry's highest precision exposure technique. Your print is then sealed between a shine-enhancing protective coating and a sturdy aluminum backing. The artist's handwritten signature on the rear proves the authenticity and unrivaled quality of the print.

Certificate of authenticity icon for the VAST Prints photography product.
Certificate of authenticity  
with artist signature
affixed to the back

Mounting brace floats the display
off the wall by 3/4 inch
Metal back
An ultra-high-resolution photograph used in the VAST Prints photography product.
Paper print
protective coating
I didn't realize just how stunning a large format photograph could look until I saw one of these.
- Emily K.
Logo for the incredible 610ppi pixels-per-inch resolution that the VAST Prints photography product has.


VAST Prints are created using a specialty, large-format fine art printer that uses extremely precise, state-of-the-art lasers to expose light-sensitive paper at a truly unprecedented 610 pixels-per-inch (ppi) resolution, resulting in spectacular image sharpness and clarity. For comparison, a 55-inch 4k tv has a resolution of 80ppi and an iPhone 14 Pro Max has a screen resolution of 460ppi.

A comparison of the perfect print quality of a VAST Print product and the relatively poor print quality of a typical fine art photo print
VAST Prints up close
Typical fine art prints up close
VAST Prints
up close
Typical fine art prints up close
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Most fine art prints made today are created using a process that sprays ink onto paper in small dots. These dots of ink are visible with the naked eye and cause prints to appear "grainy". Our printer, on the other hand, produces beautiful "continuous tones" of smooth color because, instead of using drops of ink, it uses lasers that "draw" the image smoothly onto the paper.

A comparison of the beautiful continuous tones of color in a VAST photo as compared to the halftone dots of ink in typical fine art photographs.
VAST Prints up close
Typical fine art prints up close
VAST Prints
up close
Typical fine art prints up close
Logo for the high quality photographic paper used in VAST Prints.


We scientifically tested dozens of paper types to identify one that best produces exceptionally crisp and vivid images even under our demanding printing conditions. The paper we use is one of the finest ever created, with a specialty emulsion set that reveals beautiful micro-contrast, ultra-bright whites, and deep blacks.

Comparison of the best photographic materials used in the VAST photos products to the materials typically used in other fine art photography prints.
VAST Prints
Typical fine art prints
Logo for the HDR (high dynamic range) nature of a VAST photo that makes it such high quality.


The complete workflow of creating a VAST print—from shooting the VAST photo, to editing the digital file, to making the print—is done using processes, devices, and materials that have a high dynamic range (HDR) and an ultra-wide color gamut. This means that the colors in our photos have a sublime vibrancy and a rich level of contrast. Furthermore, luminosity gradients found in subjects such as vivid sunsets appear true-to-life.

An image demonstrating the high dynamic range aspect of VAST photos that makes them so high quality and gives them such beautiful colors and contrast.
The clarity of this print really makes the viewer feel like they're in the scene.
- John W.
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The distinctive quality of our prints demands to be protected and displayed in the best possible manner. Therefore, they are sealed on the front with an extra-thick, shine-enhancing protective laminate coating. Alternatively, a non-glossy, satin matte coating can be used on request - just tell us before placing your order. Then, the print is mounted to a sturdy, triple-layer aluminum composite backing that completes the photo's sleek look.

A close-up image of a VAST Print photo product showing the layers of material used and the extremely high quality it has.
Logo for the archival nature of VAST photo prints, representing 75 years of color permanence.


The chromogenic materials and methods we use in our printing and mounting process have been designed to meet the most demanding standards for archival length set by leading museums and galleries. VAST Prints are rated to retain perfect color permanence for 75+ years in typical lighting conditions and have a theoretical archival rating of 200+ years in cold storage.

Photo of an American mesa landscape scene at sunset.
Logo for the master printmakers that make the ultra-high-resolution VAST photos.


Our award-winning master printmakers have over four decades of experience calibrating advanced printing equipment to ensure impeccably consistent results that precisely adhere to the artist's vision. Furthermore, every digital file of a VAST photo goes through an extensive proofing and refining process to prepare it to look its very best when printed.

A behind-the-scenes picture of the ultra-high-resolution photographs being made at VAST.
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Our photos, prints, production processes, and artists have been recognized industry-wide with leading awards for quality and innovation. Our founder Dan Piech, along with all of our artists, are leaders and pioneers in the field of ultra-high-resolution image-making.

A picture of Nick Pedersen, a VAST artist, getting a prestigious award.
Logo for the authentic nature of a VAST photo with the artist signature on it.


A VAST Print is a one-of-a-kind artwork with no effort or expense spared in its creation. To help protect its value and prove its authenticity, it is accompanied by the artist's handwritten signature (on the rear) and our digitally-enhanced, holographic certificate of authenticity.

Every VAST Print is:
  • Hand-signed by the artist
  • Hand-signed by the VAST print supervisor
  • Numbered, dated, and titled
  • Assigned a serial number via a permanent security hologram
  • Entered into and tracked using our registry of authentic VAST Prints
A picture of the seal of authenticity with artist signature affixed to the back of an ultra-high-resolution VAST photo
A close-up picture of the seal of authenticity with artist signature affixed to the back of an ultra-high-resolution VAST photo

VAST Prints can be purchased in one of two ready-to-hang formats:

Logo for the frameless display style of a VAST photo


A hidden, aluminum mounting brace on the rear causes the photo to appear to effortlessly "float" off the wall by 3/4 of an inch. This floating effect creates a subtle shadow on the wall behind the photo which provides a pleasant, soft border around the image. The floating display's modern, sleek, and minimalist frameless appearance keeping viewers' attention on the photo's remarkable imagery and complements nearly any decor style.

Example of a frameless ultra-high-resolution VAST photo print hanging in a living room.
Logo for the floater frame moulding used with VAST photos.


The print is mounted inside one of our handcrafted 100% wood frames with a decorative separation between the print and the frame border so that the print appears to be floating within the frame, providing depth and elegance to the finished photo. Four moulding trims are available: smooth white, satin black, brushed silver, and regal gold.

I was blown away by the vivid colors and incredible sharpness of the print.
- Richard B.

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