Dan Piech

Dan Piech's Aloft series captures the breathtaking grandeur of the skies that so many of us take for granted as we soar through the air.

From his Manhattan home in Tribeca, Dan has an unobstructed view of one of the most trafficked airspaces on the planet. With sight-lines to numerous air routes, he has studied the New York sky and the planes that fill it for years. His series focuses on the best moments when sky and plane speak to one another.

As part of the VAST artist collective, Dan uses advanced imaging techniques and equipment to create the photos for his Aloft series at incredibly high resolutions, often dozens of times higher resolution than ordinary photos. This enables the prints from the photos to be perfectly sharp even at very large sizes.

Backdropped by the heavens, the tiny planes in Aloft humble us and remind us of our place on this beautiful planet.