Do you have an idea for a VAST photo you would like to have created exclusively for you or your business?
  • Capture a special place that has significance for you
  • Help your business stand out with a bespoke art piece
  • Document an important event in grand fashion
  • Change the look of a room with a photo tailored to the space
  • Give a memorable gift to someone important in your life
  • Create a VAST photo with you or friends/family in the scene

How it works

  • BRIEF:
    You send us a short brief on what you want to create and why
    We'll have a quick consultation with you to further refine your vision
    We schedule a photoshoot or a window for the photo to be taken if the weather is a consideration
    We review the VAST photo with you and make any necessary edits to ensure it fits your vision perfectly
  • PRINT:
    We handle the printing, mounting, and framing of your finished VAST photo (if you want)
A very high resolution VAST Photo commission of sunset over the moors and a rental house on Nantucket Island in Polpis; created in Cape Cod Massachusetts by Dan Piech.

Exclusively yours

A commissioned VAST photo, created by one of our award-winning photographers, is exclusively yours.
It will never be reprinted, distributed, or shown anywhere unless you want it to be.
A very high resolution engagement photo from VAST; created in New York City's Central Park by Dan Piech.

Create Something Exceptional

VAST artists are available to help you realize your vision by creating one of the highest resolution photos ever made, specifically for you.
Contact us to begin:

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A very high resolution fantasy VAST photo of Georgetown University on the Hudson River; created in Washington, DC by Dan Piech.