Long-term Parking

Scott Dimond

Scott Dimond's Long-term Parking series is a collection of ultra-high-resolution VAST photos of classic cars distinguished by the passage of time. Having rested, abandoned for decades, the cars are patiently waiting to be selected for refurbishment or perhaps to have some of their parts contribute to the refurbishment of other cars.

Scott captures the soul of these gems of a bygone era in exquisite detail, revealing their beauty that still exists to this day. Where others would see junk, Scott sees the adventures that happened in these cars, the love their owners had for them, and the classic car culture that birthed them so long ago.

Using advanced selective-focus techniques paired with the VAST technique, Scott has created compositions whose subjects pop out of the frame in unparalleled sharpness while the surrounding imagery fades into a beautiful bokeh. As the cars sit amongst their neighbors and the overgrown carpet of weeds, they tell their stories - stories of love, youth, experience, character, and wisdom. The faded paint, rusted edges, and dulled chrome belie the true character of these beauties Scott has captured for us.