Ennio Pozzetti

Ennio Pozzetti’s “airuno” series is a tribute to an enchanted territory where river, land, and sky meet to create unique and unrepeatable moments.

We are in the small town of Airuno, in northern Italy, on the banks of the Adda river, a few kilometers from Lake Como. Here, the morning mists that rise from the bed of the Adda river create a magical atmosphere. On calm days with little wind, Ennio photographs this phenomenon, capturing its emotive beauty. Even in this peaceful environment, the visuals nature presents are fleeting; in the time it takes to shoot a single VAST photo, the fog will have faded away by the sun's morning rays. But, Ennio will have recorded the beautiful moment, preserving it for all to see.

As part of VAST, Ennio uses advanced imaging techniques and equipment to create exceptionally high resolution photographs of these special moments.