We utilize the best cutting-edge technology and materials on the planet to create ultra sharp, large-format, fine art prints that arrive ready to be mounted and/or framed by your local framer.
Infographic with close-ups explaining the technical details and attributes of a VAST Print

The Highest Resolution Photographic Printer

We utilize an extremely rare, cutting-edge printer with the highest resolution of any photographic printer in use worldwide. Formerly used by the US military to print surveillance images and by governments to print currency, our printer is the largest of its kind and one of only a very small handful being used commercially. Outputting a truly stunning 6100 effective DPI (dots per inch) resolution, the printer renders razor-sharp details that remain crystal clear even under intense scrutiny.


Silky Smooth Continuous Tones

Most fine art prints made today are made by a process that sprays pigment onto paper in small dots. These dots of ink are visible with the naked eye and cause prints to appear "grainy". Our printer, on the other hand, uses an advanced chromogenic process employing ultra-fine lasers to expose light-sensitive paper, creating beautiful "continuous tones" of smooth color.


The Finest Photographic Paper

We scientifically tested dozens of paper types to identify one that best produces exceptionally crisp and vivid images even under our demanding printing conditions. The paper we use is one of the finest ever created, with a specialty emulsion set that reveals beautiful micro-contrast, ultra-bright whites, and rich deep blacks.


Brilliant, True-To-Life Color

Both our printer and our paper have an ultra-wide color gamut and high dynamic range. This means that the colors in a VAST Print have a sublime vibrancy and are rich with contrast. Furthermore, color gradients found in subjects such as vivid sunsets and flowing water are silky smooth and appear true-to-life.

Museum-Quality Archival Rating

The materials and methods we use in our printing and mounting process have been designed to meet the most demanding standards for archival length set by leading museums and galleries. VAST Prints are rated to retain perfect color permanence for 75+ years in typical lighting conditions and have a theoretical archival rating of 200+ years in cold storage.

Created by World-Renowned Master Printmakers

Our award-winning master printmakers have over 5 decades of experience calibrating advanced printing equipment, adjusting chemical balances, and more - all to ensure impeccably consistent results in every single print. Furthermore, every digital file of a VAST photo goes through an extensive proofing and refining process to prepare it to look its very best when printed.

State-of-the-Art Authenticity

A VAST Print is a one-of-a-kind artwork with no expense or effort spared in its creation. To protect its value and prove its authenticity, VAST Prints come with both traditional authenticity documentation as well as innovative new digital provenance tracking technology.

Every VAST Print:
  • Is hand-signed by both the artist and the VAST printmaker
  • Is numbered, dated, and titled
  • Has its creation location, size, and medium recorded
  • Is assigned a serial number via a permanently sealed security hologram
  • Is entered into our registry of authentic VAST Prints

In addition, the authenticity and provenance of each VAST Print is tracked and verified using state-of-the-art digital blockchain technology, the same secure, distributed, immutable, digital ledger mechanism that powers Bitcoin. This unique, forward-thinking capability reinforces the truly cutting-edge nature of a VAST Print.

Own an Exceptional Photograph

VAST photos can be purchased in 3 formats:

  • VAST Prints: the highest quality fine art prints ever made, signed by the artist and ready to be mounted/framed
  • VAST Displays: ready-to-hang works of art that contain a VAST Print sealed between acrylic glass and metal
  • VAST Licenses: rights-managed licenses that are customized to allow for specific uses of a VAST photo asset