Our ready-to-hang canvas prints set the standard for large-format canvas artwork and make a statement wherever they're hung. They are created using a specialty printer that carefully lays pigment inks down onto archival-quality fine art canvas material. The canvas is then stretched around a 1.5-inch-deep wood support structure to provide depth and elegance.

An ultra-high-resolution photograph used in the VAST canvas prints photography product.
You guys are doing something truly innovative. My giant canvas from you looks absolutely amazing!
- Mike S.
Logo for the 300ppi pixels-per-inch resolution that the VAST canvas prints photography product has.


The digital files of our VAST photos are the highest resolution fine art photographs ever created (by far!). To ensure we do their unparalleled resolution justice in our canvas prints, we searched to find the very best canvas printer. The large-format fine art printer we use operates at 300ppi resolution—the gold standard resolution for artwork image sharpness. For comparison, a 55-inch 4k tv has a resolution of 80ppi.

Close-up picture of the corner of a VAST photo canvas print product showing its ultra-high-resolution quality.
This is a real picture of the corner of a VAST canvas print with quarters for scale.
Click here to view the 620-megapixel VAST photo it was created from.
Logo for the fine art canvas material used in the canvas print product sold by VAST.


Our canvas prints are made using museum-quality, heavyweight, fine art canvas material. The material is 100% acid free to preserve the color accuracy and longevity of the prints. We chose a canvas material with a fairly smooth surface to properly showcase the incredible sharpness of our photos while still having enough texture to retain the classic, timeless canvas look. Additionally, the material has an extra bright, delightfully matte finish that looks spectacular in any lighting conditions while retaining maximum vibrancy and contrast.

Close-up picture of the canvas material used by VAST.
Our canvas material up-close
Logo for the giclee label that VAST's canvas prints have attained.


"Giclée" is is the fine art industry term for a print that meets a strictly rigorous and objective set of technical standards for quality. Most other canvas prints do not meet the criteria to be labeled "giclée" but the materials and methods we use (such as our use of ultra-vibrant pigment-based inks instead of low quality dye-based inks) have given our canvas prints the prized "giclée" label, the industry-recognized standard for excellence.

Comparison of the best photographic materials used in the VAST photos products to the materials typically used in other fine art photography prints.
Giclée prints
Non-giclée prints
Logo for the HDR (high dynamic range) nature of a VAST photo that makes it such high quality.


The complete workflow of creating a VAST Print™—from shooting the VAST photo, to editing the digital file, to making the print—is done using processes, devices, and materials that have a high dynamic range (HDR) and an ultra-wide color gamut. This means that the colors in our photos have a sublime vibrancy and a rich level of contrast. Furthermore, luminosity gradients found in subjects such as vivid sunsets appear true-to-life.

An image demonstrating the high dynamic range aspect of VAST photos that makes them so high quality and gives them such beautiful colors and contrast.
Everyone who visits our home comments on how beautiful the two canvases are.
We love showing them off!
Everyone who visits our home comments on how beautiful the two canvases are. We love showing them off!
- Sharon P.
Logo for the archival nature of VAST canvas prints, representing 100 years of color permanence.


The giclée-standard materials and methods we use have been designed to meet the most demanding standards for archival length set by leading museums and galleries. Our canvas prints are rated to retain perfect color permanence for 100+ years in typical lighting conditions.

Photo of an American mesa landscape scene at sunset.
Logo for the master printmakers that make the ultra-high-resolution VAST photos.


Our award-winning master printmakers have over four decades of experience calibrating advanced printing equipment to ensure impeccably consistent results that precisely adhere to the artist's vision. Furthermore, every digital file of a VAST photo goes through an extensive proofing and refining process to prepare it to look its very best when printed.

A behind-the-scenes picture of the ultra-high-resolution photographs being made at VAST.
Logo for the floater frame moulding used with VAST photos.


Our standard canvas prints come ready to be hung on the wall with a frameless mount. This is a beautifully minimalist approach that showcases the image wrapping around the edge of the canvas. However, the prints can also optionally be mounted inside one our handcrafted frames. This mounting is done with a decorative separation between the print and the frame border so that the print appears to be floating within the frame, providing depth and elegance to the finished photo. Six distinctive moulding trims are available: soft white, slate grey, satin black, deep walnut, warm oak, and bright aspen.

Your photo made a spectacular transformation to our living room... we couldn't be happier with our purchase.
- Daniel M.

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