Dan Piech

Founder & CEO: VAST

New York, New York

Dan Piech is an entrepreneur, designer, developer, tech-enthusiast, and award-winning photographer. His passion for photography began in the dark room as a child and his love for pushing the envelope led him to begin experimenting with novel uses of digital imaging technologies. In 2017, Dan built and launched VAST, a gallery selling the highest resolution fine art photographs ever created.

A thought-leader in the industry, Dan has spoken at a variety of conferences and events, including keynoting at Social Media Week, OMMA Global, E-Business Week, and the NAB Show, among others. His photos and work have appeared in publications like The New York Times and The Huffington Post, in Hollywood films, on national television, and on countless walls across the world.

Dan's signature style of photos are those taken directly towards a very bright sun and that nevertheless have a non-silhouetted foreground. This difficult-to-achieve style produces VAST photos that have a surreal, dreamy, and vibrant ambiance.

Prior to founding VAST, Dan operated a photography/film/design studio, was head of product management and partnerships for an internet data analytics company, and also led the product management team for comScore's social media, video, and audio product suites. Dan was awarded the National Rising Star Award by the Advertising Research Foundation for his pioneering work to understand consumer habits on the internet.