A very high definition cityscape VAST photo of Manhattanhenge sunrise among the Midtown Manhattan city skyline skyscrapers; created in New York City by Dan Piech

This VAST photo is one of the highest definition fine art photographs ever created, with a resolution equivalent to 340 full-HD TVs.

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My favorite phenomenon in New York has always been the two days of the year in May and July, popularly dubbed "Manhattanhenge," when the days' final sun rays are suddenly aligned with the grid of parallel streets that populate midtown Manhattan. This floods canyons that are usually shrouded in dark shadows cast by imposing towers with the warmth of the setting sun. The moment only lasts for a few fleeting seconds and represents a confluence of humanity and nature in a manner that doesn't require them to compete for attention.

The popularity and awareness of this phenomenon has grown exponentially over the past few years, but there's another little-known version of it that occurs on two days in December and January when the days' first rays from the rising sun cause the same effect in the opposite direction. This is the version I much prefer.

As anyone who pays attention to the Hudson river knows, pre-dawn weekend mornings are the only time when the water has a brief moment of calm revealing stunning reflections. In 2015, the sunrise Manhattanhenge date fell on a weekend, thus presenting the perfect opportunity for an image of it from the New Jersey side of the river. So I set up all of my gear in the frigid darkness at 5am and waited. I was the only person as far as the eye could see who was photographing this moment; everyone else was fast asleep, unaware of what was about to happen.

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This large-format VAST photo is one of the highest definition fine art photographs ever created. It has a resolution equivalent to 340 full-HD TVs.

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Date & TimeDecember 5, 2015:  7:12am
LocationMidtown Manhattan, New York City
Coordinates40.771152, -74.01604
CameraCanon 5DS
Megapixels per Exposure50.6
LensCanon 135mm f/2L
Focal Length135mm
Shutter Speed1/250
Number of Exposures63


Total Pixels672,411,635
Horizontal Pixels38,395
Vertical Pixels17,513
Aspect Ratio1 : 2.19
File Size1.88 GB
Width @ 300ppi (perfect)10.67 feet
Height @ 300ppi4.86 feet
Width @ 150ppi (near-perfect)21.33 feet
Height @ 150ppi9.73 feet
Canon 5DS
Canon 135mm f/2L
Canon 5DS
Canon 135mm f/2L


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