Photo Release: “Snowdrift” by Dan Piech

A very high resolution, large-format VAST photo of a crabapple tree blooming in spring with blossom petals on the ground; fine art photograph created by Dan Piech in the New York Botanical Garden, New York City

A 874-megapixel VAST photo

New York Botanical Garden, New York City
Every spring, the “Snowdrift” species of Crabapple tree puts on a magical show, blooming with a canopy of brilliant white petals. Shortly thereafter, the namesake of the tree becomes readily apparent as flurries of the radiant blossoms gracefully float to the ground surrounding the tree.

A perfect specimen of one of these Snowdrift trees can be found anchoring the Crabapple Collection in the New York Botanical Garden. My goal was to photograph this particular tree at the peak of its splendor, from directly underneath its idyllic canopy. So, on a pleasantly warm April day, I headed to the garden with the equipment for creating a VAST photo in tow.

As I began preparing the gear under the twisting limbs of the tree, a light breeze picked up, rustling the branches just enough to shower me with falling petals. The thinly overcast sky provided the perfect conditions for a soft, balanced light to fill the scene without casting harsh shadows. Additionally, to my surprise, very few other people were present, allowing me to reverently appreciate the beauty of the moment in relative solitude.

Over the course of the next hour, I meticulously exposed the 72 individual frames required to create this 874-megapixel VAST photo. Meanwhile, the gentle breeze carried a melody from an ensemble of dancing songbirds as well as a fragrant aroma from a patch of nearby spring flowers.

As one of the highest resolution fine art photographs ever created, this VAST photo captures this sublime springtime scene in exquisite detail. This detail enables every last blossom, leaf, and twist of bark to be rendered with exceptional clarity, even on very large format prints. Such a uniquely magical show from such a perfect “Snowdrift” tree like this demands to be captured and displayed with such attention to detail, care, and quality.

30% of the profit from this photo will be donated to the New York Botanical Garden, an iconic living museum, major educational institution, National Historic Landmark, and renowned plant research & conservation organization.

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