Photo Release: “Namchung Morning” by Doug Kofsky

A very high definition, large-format VAST photo print of the Himalaya Mountains and Namchung Ri; fine art landscape photo created by Doug Kofsky in Nepal

A 151-megapixel VAST photo

Namchung Ri, Nepal
My first attempt to get to this viewpoint culminated in a sideways snowstorm that obscured everything and soaked me completely – including a night huddling under an overhang, without a tent, in the lightning and rain, trying to master the finer points of kindling bamboo and wet wood.

It was an epic failure in terms of getting a fire lit or getting my shot, but it was a success in that I knew how to get there again. One month later I was back and carrying a tent to boot, a rarity for me in the hospitable Himalaya. I managed to shake out early and get the shot, in a window of good weather during the early monsoon.

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