Photo Release: “Mountains of Snoqualmie Pass” by Scott Rinckenberger

An extremely high resolution, large-format VAST photo print of the Cascade Mountains from Avalanche Mountain in Snoqualmie Pass; fine art panorama landscape photo created by Scott Rinckenberger in Washington, USA

A 225-megapixel VAST photo

Avalanche Mountain, Washington
There is a secret that lies 45 minutes east of the thriving metropolis of Seattle. Many Seattleites go through their whole lives without knowing that just up the hill is a world of towering rock summits, impossibly steep faces, frozen lakes and vistas of endless mountains in every direction.

For a few months of the year, in the dead of winter, these mountains which surround the unassuming summit of Snoqualmie Pass become home to world class snow, and endless terrain for backcountry skiers, snowboarders and alpine climbers. While not as tall as the peaks of Colorado or Utah, there is no shortage of challenges for even the most ambitious mountaineer. In fact, you’ll perhaps bump into an extreme skiing world champion or one of the most decorated alpinists currently alive as you wander these hills on a quick strike mission before heading into the office for a ‘normal’ day.

Vast, complex and technical, these mountains take years to understand, but with the help of extremely detailed photographs like this one, it is possible to envision dream outings of every stripe. This photograph was created in the first week of 2017 as a cold high pressure weather system opened up access to the tallest summits. Despite being captured during the middle of the day, at these latitudes the sun always hangs low in the southern horizon, in this case directly above the iconic cone shape of Mount Rainier.

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