Photo Release: “Machapuchare (6997m) from Namchung Ri: B&W” by Doug Kofsky

A very high resolution, large-format VAST photo of Machapuchare Mountain and the Annapurna Himalayas Mountains from Namchung Ri; fine art black and white landscape photograph created by Doug Kofsky while mountaineering in Nepal

A 121-megapixel VAST photo

Namchung Ri, Nepal
The word Machapuchare translates from Nepali Bhasa as “Fishtail”, as the mountain resembles the tail of a fish poking into the sky when looked at from the jungles below. I became fascinated with Machapuchare’s unique shape and dedicated three weeks to hiking around it in order to find new places to view it from.

Namchung Ri, a nearby mountain, was the culmination of this research. “Ri” is the Nepali word for “hill” but in any other place Namchung would be called a mountain. It was quite an adventure to find this point. Let’s just say my Nepali language and hand gesturing skills were put to the test.

On the morning of this photo, I was blessed with good weather. Recent rain had washed the haze out of the sky and the glazing of new snow shone like crystals on the icy peaks. This created the perfect conditions for shooting an extremely high resolution photo of the mountain in all its splendor.

Fishtail is considered a holy mountain in Nepal and climbing permits are not issued for the summit – so it has never been officially climbed. There are, however, rumors of attempted clandestine ascents. It’s easy to see the spell it can cast on a mountaineer. I’m happy just to find the best place to shoot it from. But a part of me also admires the concept of holding that space for the god Shiva, as the local people do.

It’s grounding to think of a place so revered and sacred that it has never seen human footprints.

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