Photo Release: “K2 (8611m)” by Doug Kofsky

A very high resolution, large-format VAST photo print of K2 in the Himalaya Mountains; fine art landscape photo created by Doug Kofsky in Pakistan

A 90-megapixel VAST photo

Godwin Austen Glacier, Pakistan
I wanted the biggest shot I could get of the baddest mountain of them all – K2. Huffing along on the way to Broad Peak Base Camp I had taken the shot over and over again – so I decided to experiment with shooting the south face in sections and merging the pieces in Photoshop.

The result is what you see – 23 images merged together – an attempt to look closely at the terrain comprising, in my opinion, the most significant mountain face of them all – in its history, its scale, and its aesthetic. From this vantage point, many routes up the mountain are visible: the Abruzzi Ridge, the South Face Route, the West Ridge, the Magic Line.

This photo is dedicated to Tadeusz Piotrowski and Wojciech Wroz – Polish pioneers on two of these unbelievable routes of inspiration who were lost on the way back to earth.

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