Photo Release: “Eastern Sierras” by Guido Brandt

A very high resolution, large-format VAST photo print of the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains, Bristlecone Ancient Pine Forest, White Mountain Road, and the White Mountains, California; landscape photo created by Guido Brandt

A 313-megapixel VAST photo

White Mountains, California
The Eastern Sierra along Hwy 395 in Southern California is a wonderful sight at any time of the year, but my personal favorite is when the mountain range is covered in snow during the winter months.

During this trip, I turned onto Hwy 168 to head to the White Mountains to explore this area. In winter months, one can only drive the White Mountain Road up to the entrance to Bristlecone Ancient Pine Forest as the road above this point is not cleared from snow.

As I drove the road up as far as I could, navigating the occasional patch of snow, the higher I got in elevation, the clearer it became that the mountain range was certainly worth capturing in its entirety.

Using my high quality 300mm telephoto lens, I captured this ultra-wide VAST photo, one of the highest resolution photos ever created of the Eastern Sierra Nevada. Converted to black & white, the image shows the mountain relief and texture in its full detail – a perfect subject for a VAST photo.

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