Photo Release: “Dhaulagiri & Rhododendrons” by Doug Kofsky

A very high resolution, large-format VAST photo print of the Himalaya Mountains and Poon Hill; fine art landscape photo created by Doug Kofsky in Nepal

A 113-megapixel VAST photo

Poon Hill, Nepal
One of the great views of the Himalaya is from Poon Hill. It conveys the awesome diversity of the Annapurna Range as an Eden of jungle and ice.

My objective was to photograph the giant rhododendron blossoms set against the magnificent southern faces of the Himalaya. I had just arrived from America, and carrying the weight of my expectations, I had decided to ease my way into trekking with a couple of days in the easy living village/resort of Ghorepani. From Ghorepani you can climb Poon Hill to see the sunrise.

A revolving cast of fellow trekkers from every corner of the globe populates the dense, growing cluster of hotels being attached to the hillside. Poon Hill is a tourist mecca, a huge success story for the locals. There is great food and an abundance of clean water, and the view to back it up.

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