We spent hundreds of hours researching, testing, & refining a superior printmaking process that elegantly showcases VAST photos' record-setting levels of detail.

The Highest Resolution Photographic Printer

We utilize an extremely rare, cutting-edge printer with the highest resolution of any photo printer in the world. Formerly used by the US military to print surveillance images and by governments to print currency, our printer is the largest of its kind and one of only a very small handful in commercial use. Outputting a truly stunning 6100 DPI (dots per inch) resolution, the printer renders razor-sharp details that remain crystal clear even under intense scrutiny using a magnifying glass.


Silky Smooth Continuous Tones

Most fine art prints made today are made by a process that sprays pigment onto paper in small dots. These dots of ink are visible with the naked eye and cause prints to appear "grainy". Our printer, on the other hand, uses an advanced chromogenic process employing ultra-fine lasers to expose light-sensitive paper, creating beautiful "continuous tones" of smooth color.


The Finest Photographic Paper

We scientifically tested dozens of paper types to identify one that best produces exceptionally crisp and vivid images even under our demanding printing conditions. The paper we use is one of the finest ever created, with a specialty emulsion set that reveals beautiful micro-contrast, ultra-bright whites, and rich deep blacks.


Brilliant, True-To-Life Color

Both our printer and our paper have an ultra-wide color gamut and high dynamic range. This means that the colors in a VAST Print have a sublime vibrancy and are rich with contrast. Furthermore, color gradients found in subjects such as vivid sunsets and flowing water are silky smooth and appear true-to-life.

Sealed with Premium Materials

The distinctive quality of a VAST Print demands to be protected and displayed in the best possible manner. VAST Prints are sealed between gallery-quality, crystal-clear acrylic glass and triple-layer Dibond with a brushed-aluminum backing. The glass lends a brilliant aesthetic to the photo, creating a greater appearance of depth and contrast, like a window to another world.

Effortless Design

A hidden 1" deep aluminum brace on the back causes the glass-faced photo to appear to effortlessly float off the wall. The edges of the display are flame-polished to create a modern, sleek frameless appearance that keeps viewers' attention drawn into the photo's remarkable imagery. This distinctively minimal display method complements nearly any style of surrounding decor.

Museum-Quality Archival Rating

The materials and methods we use in our printing and mounting process have been designed to meet the most demanding standards for archival length set by leading museums and galleries. VAST Prints are rated to retain perfect color permanence for 75+ years in typical lighting conditions and have a theoretical archival rating of 200+ years in cold storage.

Created by World-Renowned Master Printmakers

Our award-winning master printmakers have over 5 decades of experience calibrating advanced printing equipment, adjusting chemical balances, and more - all to ensure impeccably consistent results in every single print. Furthermore, every digital file of a VAST photo goes through an extensive proofing and refining process to prepare it to look its very best when printed.

Certified One-of-a-kind

A VAST Print is a one-of-a-kind investment from an acclaimed artist. We take great care to ensure that this investment is protected. Whether you're an avid art collector or just getting started on your exploration into fine art, a VAST Print is an exclusive item to be proud of.

Every VAST Print:
  • Is hand-signed, numbered, dated, and titled by the artist on the rear
  • Has a unique serial number affixed via a seal of authenticity
  • Is entered into our registry of authentic VAST Prints

Prime Collection VAST Prints also include:
  • The print number and total edition count, hand-written by the artist
  • A certificate of authenticity that conforms to the international standards of authentication used by all major auction houses
  • A listing in the Archive when the edition is sold out, with the option for us to connect interested buyers to the owner

Own an Exceptional Photograph

VAST photos are offered as ready-to-hang, hand-signed VAST Prints shipped directly to your door and as VAST Licenses that allow you to customize a display unique to you.
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