You no longer have to use images that lack the requisite quality for large-format prints, wallpapers, and installations. VAST photos are the most versatile images ever created, with the resolution necessary for projects like wrapping an entire building or creating 100+ different HD prints from a single image.

An interior design decor artwork example of A very high definition cityscape VAST photo of the Midtown Manhattan city skyline in New York City from the reservoir in Central Park; created by Dan Piech

Customize a print to your needs

The sharpness of traditional fine art photos quickly deteriorates when they're enlarged beyond a few feet wide. These "blurry" photos reflect poorly on the establishments they represent, revealing a lack of attention to detail and a compromised level of quality.

VAST photos, on the other hand, remain beautifully crisp and detailed even at very large sizes, lending a polished, upscale atmosphere to their surroundings. If you are uncompromising with the quality of your artwork and design, don't settle for anything less.

Enter a pair of dimensions and see the difference in resolution between a typical fine art photo and this VAST photo printed at that size:

WIDTH (ft)
typical photos printed at 10x5 feet:
15 pixels/inch: Poor
This image simulates what 15 pixels/inch looks like up close.
This VAST photo printed at 10x5 feet:
15 pixels/inch: Flawless
This image simulates what 15 pixels/inch looks like up close.
*These images are for comparison purposes and, due to differing screen resolutions, do not necessarily reflect the appearance of the photos when printed.

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Your imagination is the limit

  • Panel an entire room with brilliant metallic photographic paneling
  • Print and custom frame a large-format VAST photo to perfectly fit your space
  • Break a VAST photo into multiple high-res sections hung all around a room
  • Overhaul the appearance of a wall with a premium vinyl photo wallpaper
  • Crop a photo to an aspect ratio that works for your project
  • Create a dramatically large stretched canvas print

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An interior design decor artwork example of The highest definition VAST photo of a lightning bolt strike from a thunderstorm over the Hudson River and Tribeca Pointe in the Battery Park City neighborhood of New York City; created by Dan Piech
An interior design decor artwork example of A very high defintion long exposure cityscape VAST photo of the Midtown Manhattan New York City skyline and the Hudson River in black and white; created by Dan Piech

How a license works

A standard VAST license allows you to use a VAST photo in a single art installation or design project. You can render the photo in any tangible medium and we have a network of world-renowned printing labs that can help you realize your vision. We can also customize licenses for extended use cases (bulk use, digital use, exclusivity clauses, etc.).

Open Collection photos are available to be licensed for all types of projects and custom printing endeavors, including multi-run printing.

Prime Collection photos have a limited number of licenses which can be applied for and are selectively allocated to projects approved by the artist.

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Create Exceptional Artwork

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